Adobe Flash Player 17 has been released and is available for download and testing. The new release has been codenamed Octavia. The new Flash Player 17 includes enhancements and bug fixes related to performance, security, stability and device compatibility.
Flash Player 17 is in beta at the time of this writing. Normally if you have Flash Player installed on your computer, the new updates will be downloaded and installed automatically but this is not the case with the beta version. If you want to test the latest version of Flash Player, you will need to download and install it yourself instead of using the updater function of the utility.

Download links

There are a few enhancements and new features included in Flash Player 17 which we will discuss later in this article but first here are the direct download links to the Flash Player 17 offline installers:
Please note that these installers are not compatible with Windows 8. If you are a Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 user, you will have a custom build of Flash Player which will be updated with Windows Update.

Features and enhancements

 VideoTexture Support in AIR for Windows, Mac and iOS

The hardware acceleration in Stage3D environment was previously introduced by Adobe. Using a video with Stage3D makes use of a Video object which is not accelerated. The new feature called VideoTexture allows direct access to a texture object that is sourced from a Netstream or Camera object.

Stage3D – Standard Extended Profile for Mobile

Standard Extended profile for Desktop was added in Flash Player 14 while Flash player 15 added the support in Android. Flash Player 17 adds support for Stage3D standard extended profile for iOS (iPhone, iPad etc.)

ADT Packaging time Improvement with Support for Parallel Compilation

In AIR 16, Adobe introduced support for compilation and packaging of iOS applications for both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms. With this improvement, Flash can now compile 32 and 64 bit architecture in parallel to cut packaging times up to 50 percent.

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