Pro Tip 6 – Handling Sniper in Counterstrike

CS SniperLearn to stop just before firing sniper weapons. All weapons have some loss of accuracy when they are fired by a moving shooter. This is especially true of the sniper weapons — the Scout, AWM, G3, or SG550 — which are not only less accurate, but in fact nearly useless when fired while moving. The […]

Pro Tip 5 – Accuracy Problem in Counterstrike

Be aware of accuracy problems while moving, on ladders, in water, or in air. Learning how to use weapons in Counter-Strike depends most strongly on judging weapon accuracy. All weapons have reduced accuracy when firing — most players are fully aware of this. But the accuracy problems are not just limited to normal movement. A […]

Pro Tip 4 – Rapid movement in Counterstrike

Rapid movement in Counterstrike
One’s movement speed depends on which weapon is currently readied. Knives and pistols have the least encumbrance; submachine guns have some; rifles have more; and the largest weapons — the AWM and the Para — have the most, requiring the holder to move at a slow walk (which has the side benefit of not making […]

Pro Tip 3- Aim at the upper chest

Counter-Strike has positional damage; how much damage a hit does depends on where it lands. Maximum, of course, is the head; normal damage is done to the torso, and considerably less damage is done to the extremities. For example, the AWM is normally a one-shot kill weapon, but an AWM hit to the extremities is […]

Pro Tip 2 – Weapon handling in Counterstrike

weapon handling in CS
Almost all automatic weapons have massive accuracy penalties for sustained fire. Some weapons, such as the AK47, are almost entirely useless when the trigger is held down, even at short range; some, such as the M4A1, hold up better. The key issue is to fire in short bursts, giving a brief pause between for the […]

Pro Tip 1: Time is money

Time is money
Time is money, as they say. The faster you can buy your weapons and equipment, the faster you can get out there and get either prepare your assault or mount your defense. Instead of using the mouse to navigate the menus, use keyboard shortcuts, or buy scripts. Buy quickly, start quickly!